Hotel 1

Name: Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside (Conference hotel)

Address: Phoenix Shopping Mall A East Haihe Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, Postcode 300141, China

Room rates reserved by the Organizing Committee for registered participants are (per night):

Single room: RMB ¥498 / USD$75

Double room: RMB ¥498/ USD$75


Hotel 2

Name: Home Inn Plus (Tianjin Ancient Culture Street)

Address: 280 Shizilin Street, Hebei District, Tianjin, P.R. China

(15 minutes/1 km to conference location by walking)

Room rates reserved by the Organizing Committee for registered participants are (per night):

Single room: RMB ¥340

Double room: RMB ¥340


Please download the hotel Reservation Form (PDF version) and complete it, and then send it to: or before 30, June, 2019 to enjoy the benefit from the early-bird rate.

The conference will take place in the distinguished hotel of Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside, Tianjin, China. Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside Hotel is located in the quiet and beautiful Haihe River, adjacent to the famous tourist attractions of Tianjin, such as the ancient cultural street, the great sorrow Zen courtyard and the 140-meter-high giant skyscraper landscape. One may enjoy views of the Haihe River or Tianjin Eye observation wheel from floor-to-ceiling windows in spacious Guest room. In addition, it is located in the most prosperous section of Hebei District with convenient traffic conditions. Spacious, comfortable rooms, great restaurants and bars, a wide range of leisure facilities, and warm, friendly service make it simply the best place to stay in Tianjin.

Distance from the hotel:

Tianjin Station

3 kilometres

Great Sorrow Zen Courtyard

300 metres

Tianjin West Railway Station

4 kilometres

Tianjin Eye

300 metres

Tianjin South Railway Station

25 kilometres

Ancient Cultural Street

1 kilometres

Tianjin Binhai International Airport 17 kilometres Italian Style Street 2 kilometres
Beijing Capital International Airport 140 kilometres Drum-Tower 2 kilometres

We have reserved a limited number of rooms for our participants at this hotel, please let me know if you need to reserve a room by email. Rates include full board accommodation and breakfast. Discounted prices valid only during the conference period (September 24 - 26, 2019).

For the participants, the preferred airport is Tianjin Binhai International Airport, which can be reached by taxi from the conference hotel taking only about 30 minutes and 50 RMB / 8 USD. An alternative is the Beijing Capital International Airport. Most of the companies have direct flights to Beijing. One can take high speed rail from Beijing to Tianjin (30 minutes) and then take a taxi, or just take a taxi from Beijing to the hotel which will cost about 450 RMB / 70 USD (2 hours).

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